Radio Bean: Don’t forget to tip the band!

Words and Photo // Jessica Hella

It was the first Thursday evening of November at Radio Bean, and the mood was warm and welcoming. People from all walks of life gathered to welcome back Burlington’s prodigy Kat Wright and her band, the Indomitable Soul Band, for their monthly soul session. The Indomitable Soul Band is a group of eight talented artists who call Vermont home. Their musical abilities encompass the mastery of Funk, R&B, Jazz and Blues, and their self-proclaimed genre is love.

Since 2010, the band has occupied Radio Bean’s venue each week, although as a result of their popularity within this past year, the band now only preforms the first Thursday of every month. They spend the rest of their time working on exposing their music around the country. You may recognize Kat from the Syracuse music festival, or from her various appearances with Vermont’s own, Grace Potter, at Grand Point North.

On one particular night, the lights were dimmed low, and red bulbs lit the small stage and heated the entire room. Many of the attendees appeared to be regulars at Radio Bean’s Soul Sessions, as they made themselves at home at the various booths and benches. Many caught up about last week’s performer, while others guessed what songs Kat would dare to cover this week. When the band took the stage, the crowd rose from their seats, and with Kat’s first words the audience was captivated. Known for her eccentric style, the vocalist donned a felt hat with a small cat face made of fabric perched on the brim, a reflection of her free spirit, as well as her love for cats. Her upbeat tone, and incomparable vocals had the crowd dancing for the entirety of the evening.

At the front of the stage was a large tin bowl with a sign that read “Show some love! Tonight’s act is playing for tips! If you like what you hear, please donate $3-$5.” This showcased the sense of community that Radio Bean encompasses. By the end of the night, the bowl was overflowing with appreciation in the form of single dollar bills.