Vermont Maple: More than Syrup

words // Sadie Williams photos // Craig Thomas Vermont has long been known for its maple syrup, but recent years have seen an upswing in the production of ...

A Breath of Fresh Air The Green Mountains Turn Art Studio

words // Phyl Newbeck Some landscape artists do most of their work in a studio, relying on memory or photographs to recreate images from the great ...

A leap in the dark The underground culture of Vermont caving

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words // Dale and Darcy Cahill photos // Courtesy of Vermont Cavers Association When people visit Vermont, they tend to think of above-ground activities ...

Gregory Douglass

interview // Molly Stone photos // Craig Thomas Gregory Douglass might be a fresh face on the Vermont music scene, but don’t be fooled; this ...

Around the Region
Like a duck takes to water Get hooked on Lake Champlain

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words // Chea Waters Evans photo // Craig Thomas The Vermont state song, “These Green Mountains,” sings, “These green hills and silver waters are my ...

  • KINship // a Celebration of Art & Poetry
  • KINship // a Celebration of Art & Poetry
  • KINship // a Celebration of Art & Poetry
  • KINship // a Celebration of Art & Poetry

words // Lin Stone photos //Craig Thomas The evocative images from Vermont poet Daniel Lusk’s newly released book, KIN, leapt off the page and onto the ...

People of VT
Rosalyn Graham

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interview // Lesley Snyder photo // Craig Thomas Rosalyn Graham could talk about Shelburne Farms until the cows come home – and we’d listen. After ...

Juniper Bar and Restaurant

words // David Scherr photos // Ben Sarle It is increasingly hard to stand out in Burlington’s thriving culinary scene, where another excellent and ...

Socially Responsible
Wind Ridge Fjords and Friends ‘Grace Happens!’

words // Holly Johnson photos // Craig Thomas It was the epitome of serendipity. There was a barn with an indoor, heated riding ring that was quiet and ...